Any IA32 machine @ Linuxtag (need to put TV-capture card in)

From: Oliver M . Bolzer (
Date: Mon Jun 18 2001 - 18:35:20 CEST

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    Ich wanted to bring my Dreamcast runnign Debian/SuperH to the upcoming
    Linuxtag. The only thing is that it'd need either an NTSC-capable TV
    or an IA32 box where I can bring an TV capture card for. (Don't know
    if a Bt878 PCI-card would work on another arch) Is somebody planning
    to bring a x86 box with a spare PCI slot (or even with a capture card
    If we only telnet into the Box, that'd rather boring as we can't show it
    booting and X.

    Additionally I'll bring an one-board embeded board also running on the SuperH
    architecture. Plus possibly a PlayStation2 running Linux if I can convince
    somebody to carry mine over from Japan to Stuttgart. If it comes, it'll be
    shrink-wrapped with some RPM-based distro but that we can change pretty fast,
    i guess :-)

    	Oliver M. Bolzer

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