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From: Martin Schulze (
Date: Sun Jun 17 2001 - 16:06:44 CEST

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    Jens-Dietrich Neppe wrote:
    > > I'm quite frustrated about the non-existant booth planning for
    > > LinuxTag.
    > >
    > > Nobody stepped forward to tell me that he wants to install the loaned
    > > machines. Nobody with experience for alpha and sparc boxes. A couple
    > > of people told me that they could be around on wednesday but have no
    > > experience for these architectures. Maybe I should just cancel this.
    > >
    > > Nobody stepped forward to think about how the booth should look like.
    > >
    > > Only one person told me to bring another machine to the booth
    > > definitively. So as of now we have a naked sparc, a naked alpha, and
    > > on fr/sa there will be an installed m68k box.

    > I installed Debian2.2 on a Sun Voyager for the "Braunschweiger Linux Tage".
    > That's all the experience I have with Sun machines. But I can try to
    > install the System on the SPARC box, if you want me to. My experience was
    > that Debian is not THAT different to handle compared to an intel machine(I
    > don't know if it is on a newer machine...). I'm going to arrive on
    > Thursday.

    That's about one day too late... The machines should be installed one
    day before, so when the trouble starts and visitors are around, things
    are already prepared.

    Assuming there are no problems, a sun should be quite easy to install,
    though, I only have experience with smaller IPX and SS10 boxes. But
    it's still work.

    Regarding the type, please check:



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