Re: Comments on CD images v4 (was Re: new CD images (II))

From: Michael Bramer (
Date: Thu Jun 14 2001 - 15:06:43 CEST

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    On Thu, Jun 14, 2001 at 10:58:01AM +0200, Stefan Gybas wrote:
    > Michael Bramer wrote:
    > > there is zip-ssl on the cd
    > You mean zip-crypt? I did not find it on the CD either.

    oh, yes. Thanks for the report.

    I include zip-ssl and there is no such package...

    Now I include zip-crypt..

    > Could you also consider including ISDN packages on the CD and updating
    > packages with recent security advisories (exim, man-db)? And maybe
    > update Samba to 2.2.0 (all RC-bugs don't affect us AFAICS).

    ok, I make this and check samba 2.2.0

    > > NO. _I_ put no non-free on the CD.
    > This is really bad. To me it looks like this CD is for end users and
    > not professional admins (that's why we have KDE and Gnome, right?) and
    > they will really miss Netscape - hust talk to them and ask which browser
    > they are using. There is no working alternative browser yet, not even
    > Opera. The second point is a missing JDK - and I'm not talking about
    > kaffe here. :-((

    what is the opinion from ohers?!

    > > [locale.gen]
    > > I know this. But this is Debian, this is woody and I don't like to
    > > make a 'undebian' CD. If you Update a potato or if you install a woody
    > > (with no changes in this area) at release time, you have to change
    > > this file. If you don't like it, write bug reports or better make a
    > > script in /usr/lib/base-config/ and send this to the libc6 maintainer.
    > I'm sure that this will be done before woody gets released but this does
    > not help us now. base2_3.tgz will contain the new locales version so the
    > config file must be there with default settings from the installer.
    > The CTRL-Z-and-edit-hack will only be used for upgrades.

    (BTW: There will no base2_3.tgz)

    And IMHO is the package locales not in base or in the debootstrap
    woody-list. It will install a 'empty' /etc/locales-gen without

    > > But if you change base2_2.tgz with this, you must build all bin's etc.
    > > new and use the new lib. This is very critical. Should we use the
    > > 'testet' BF's on our CD or if we want it critical: should we use
    > > woody-BF's?
    > IMHO there were too many untested changes to base-config and dbootstrap.
    > I think we should just upgrade some packages in base.tgz with the versions
    > >from testing (which are already on the CD as .deb). This does not require
    > any recompilation at all - just unpack base.tgz and "dpkg -i" in a
    > chroot there.

    Oh, I understand.

    Yes, we can make this.

    > I'm away until Sunday. If you want me to build the new base.tgz, I can do
    > it on Monday. Happy weekend! :)

    ok, build it.


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