Re: Comments on CD images v4 (was Re: new CD images (II))

From: Eduard Bloch (
Date: Thu Jun 14 2001 - 09:18:29 CEST

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    #include <hallo.h>
    Michael Bramer wrote on Thu Jun 14, 2001 um 08:33:26AM:
    > can someone write a TOP-Level-README with
    > - some Install problems
    > - some note about a live after the LTCD? (like apt-setup, apt-setup)

    I am going to rewrite the README from the last year(german). There would
    be following sections:
    - Disclaimer, some words about sponsors
    - Hints how to setup this woody system (eg. setup problems, pits and falls)
    - most parts of the user-howto from the last year
      - updates to it, about apt-setup, dpkg-reconfigure, apt-cache etc.
    - most parts of the debian-user-de FAQ from the mailing list


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