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From: Jens-Dietrich Neppe (
Date: Sat Jun 09 2001 - 23:01:47 CEST

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    I updated the covers and added a back side for them.
    Here is a list of the most important changes I made:
    - Replaced >woody< with >>woody<<
    - Took the dpkg -l output from the woody image you can download from lug-bremen.
    - Took other images for the debian logo and swirl. Especially the swirl is not that bad quality as it might seem when you watch it in your browser window! It's ok.
    - Smoothened some edges.
    - Designed the back of the cover. This is just a proposal! Please take a closer look and read the texts.
    - AND: I did NOT make a new stamp with smaller borders. I think the message is too important to usa a stamp that does not attract any attention.

    I hope mor people will vote for one of the front sides of the cover(cover_one or cover_two)!
    Actual election results are:
    cover_one: 1
    cover_two: 2



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