INFOS #2: Linuxdays Austria

From: Gerfried Fuchs (
Date: Thu Jun 07 2001 - 08:17:19 CEST

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            Hi again!

     This is more a urgent notifier than anything more, for I forgot to
    mention a serious thing in my last mail: I will be on vacations from
    10th to 17th (the whole next week) and won't be able to do any
    coordination stuff. Therefore I need you to get a little more active

     Thinks that need to be resolved:

    -) The disk image that grisu has done would be great to have availble
       for the guided install. I'll try to roast some @work but if one can
       do some @home that would be nice. I think about 50 or so should be
       good enough, if we have too much I will take them to the LT in
       germany so they aren't wasted at all. We might not be able to charge
       more than just the prize of the disk itself, so don't get yourself
       into troubles with it. If you like to do some, I'd sugguest to not
       start right now - next week should be early enough and you can expect
       some reviews by then.

    -) "clothes" for the booth: I don't have anything that can be used for
       decorating it! So if someone can do do some poster prints (I really
       would like to have the userfriendly top-reasons-why-mike-likes-debian
       picture in about A3 size and of course other things.
       The pdf file I mentioned in the last mail has some typos but I don't
       have the source for the file so I'm not able to fix that. Well, it's
       better than nothing.

    -) Other things I haven't thought of for I haven't been at such an event
       yet. Any idea is useful - no matter how strange it might sound to
       you. Like Andreas sugguested Shirts - sorry, there won't be any
       available. If you have one, wear it, but I don't think that we would
       be able to sell those anyway for it's a community-booth that doesn't
       cost anything with the limit that we aren't allowed to sell anything.

     Btw., Christoph Siess has offered to coordinate the Debian Install. He
    is currently seeking for help, contact him at <c.siess(at)>.
    Christoph, this is why I Cc:ed you ;) I might hold the guide - at
    least that was what I expected nevertheless.

     Things that are quite of fixed currently:

    -) Debian Booth will be 5m x 3m, id 78 (3*23 + 3^2, if someone's
    -) Staff to crowd the booth: Quite some responded to my last mail, a
       quick summary:
                                20th 21th Footnote
           Gerfried Fuchs X X
           Andreas Strodl X X
           Stefan Hornburg X a)
           Dennis X a)
           Stephan Kulka x X b)
           Roman Beigelbeck X X
           Michael Moerz X (one day, not fixed yet which)
           Martin Wuertele X (offered 21th if really needed)
        a) They might switch to 20th, depending on Stefans presentation at
           the event.
        b) Stephan will be there on 20th in the afternoon - he has an exam
           at 13:00 (good luck!)
       Should be enough to run the show - I honestly hope noone is dropping
       out or it might get hairy...

       And, to not forget it - you will be needed for the installparty, to
       help out, too. It's done this way: One person is standing in the
       front and presents the install, and if specific questions are rising
       they are answered by special help people that are floating around...
       (I hope you can imagine what I mean ;)

    -) giving a lift from vienna:
       Stephan Kulka might go himself if needed but would like to get a lift.
       Myself can offer three or four places with not much problems
       (non-smokers only ;)
       Roman might offer a place or two given that he will take his hardware
       with him to give the booth some life.

    -) This takes me directly to the hardware-problem: Currently I know that
       Roman will take his own hardware with him for a special purpose:
       He sugguested to put a motto for the booth: "Debian am Desktop". I
       personally think that's a great idea. Mainly GNOME for he's involved
       in that project, but I don't think that it would do any harm to
       concentrate on just this part.
       Personally I'll take my notebook to show that it's no problem to use
       it on that, too. Well - that's all from this part so far.

     Thanks again for the attention, please do some coordination while I'm
    away - thanks for any help you can volunteer. I owe you something if
    you've read this far :))


    To err is human,
    To purr feline.
                    -- Robert Byrne

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