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Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 22:39:23 CEST

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    There is only one month left until LinuxTag, so it's time to check if
    things are going well or not.

    What's the status of:

     . Debian CD mastering

       You know there should be an alpha version by now so we can get the
       final master soon and I can re-contact the sponsors to tell them
       that we will indeed have a special edition cd and also find out the
       correct date the master needs to be in the press station.

     . Debian CD cover

       Did we agree on a single cover yet? Do we have the files Franky
       made last year?

     . Booth decoration

       Do we have all banners and posters that we want to show at the

     . Machines

       Do we have enough machines of enough architectures on which we will
       demonstrate Debian?

       I've set up a prelimnary page so things don't get forgotton:

     . Do we have enough people who will install both loaned boxes? An
       alpha and a sparc system, the sparc should be available on monday
       already, the alpha comes a bit later.

       Was it acknowledged that somebody provides a mirror of
       stable/{alpha,i386,sparc} and unstable/{alpha,i386,sparc}? Who
       will that be?

     . Did all the people who want to sleep in the gym hall provide
       detailed information about when they plan to sleep and when they
       plan to eat? Details are here:

    Other todo items are listed at:



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