INFOS: Linuxdays in St. Pölten / Austria

From: Gerfried Fuchs (
Date: Mon May 28 2001 - 09:07:46 CEST

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     Now it's fixed (don't take that now too narrow): Debian will have a
    boot at the Linuxdays 2001 in St. Poelten/Austria[1].

     Now that this is fixed, I need to know when the people that contacted
    me that they can help out will be there. So following is a list of
    people that have told me to come (and I'm Bcc'ing them, am not sure
    who's on which list):
     Stephan Kulka: (self-proclaimed) Debian-Newbie, but quite motivated :)
        He has an exam on 20th so might be there only on 21st.

     Michael Moerz: He can also only be there for one day, don't know which
        currently. Michael, please update me with further infos. He'll
        also hold a talk about high-availability, so not that sure to be
        available at the boot for long.

     Stefan Hornburg & Dennis (?): Joey sent me your mail, don't know much
        more that you'll be in vienna on vacations in this week. Please
        update me with further infos.

     Martin Wuertele: Can be there only on 20th.

     Roman Beigelbeck: Offered his help together with three friends. Don't
        have heard from him personally, just through Joey, though...

     Andi (?): He's a friend from antifuchs, and can be considered as
        substitute. Although he offered his help he said that he wants to
        help on the bsd-booth, if he's not needed.
     That's the people that I've heard of. IIRC there will also be a guided
    debian-install on the second day (21th) in the afternoon which I should
    do. I'd need some assistance there too, to help the people with local

     Can anybody please confirm me that, if and when they plan to be
    available? Also, please let me know if you need a lift from Vienna to
    St. Poelten and back, so I can try to arrange that, too.

     I received the flyer in pdf-Format from Blinder today, it's in english
    - does anyone know if there is one in german language available, too?

     Thanks for reading this stuff,

     Stefan Helma: No answer yet - a simple mail with "sorry, no time" would
        be enough to not be bothered again.

    [1] <>

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