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Date: Sun May 27 2001 - 18:59:14 CEST

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    Alexander Reelsen wrote:
    > Hi folks
    > As Linuxtag nears (one month yet, I know), we really, really should get a
    > schedule on the talks. If we don't get this done in time, Joey is about to
    > cancel the Debian day due to a lack of interest. I don't think there is
    > any lack of interest, do you? Remember, the Debian day is for advanced
    > users and/or developers, so we/you shouldn't miss that chance.
    > So, let's get some stuff done. Who is doing what?
    > I try to set the ball rolling and volunteer for the first talk about
    > Debian and Security. I don't want to do this as a talk but rather a
    > discussion, cause many people might have many good ideas instead of one
    > talking about that topic. I would say one hour is sufficient for this one.
    > Objections?

    Shall I just add it prelimnary?

    > Check if

    This list was compiled after some brainstorming, so we get an idea
    what could be interesting and possible.

    > you want to talk about something and write it here, so Joey gets some
    > input for the Debian day instead of cancelling it.
    > After the first, let's say, 6 talks I can try to setup a time schedule, it
    > might be possible that some people are busy at their booth or have to
    > do something for the company they work for, whatever.

    No need for that, the framework is already there:

    Friday CCA III was reserved for our Debian day.

    So far, we have two talks, Alex' Security and Michael's Business.
    Since I'd rather like *you* to prepare something, I don't plan to
    step forward with workshops I could give, but I could finally fill
    up a gap.



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