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From: Martin Schulze (joey@linuxtag.org)
Date: Sun May 27 2001 - 10:53:05 CEST

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     1. Accommodation

        Here are some more details, which I gathered from the gym hall.

        6.00am - Cleaning of the gym hall. You only have to leave the gym
                 hall, not supplementary rooms like the showers.

        7.00am - Cleaning of supplementary rooms. We'll have one
                 supplementary room reserved for us so you can dump all
                 the things there, that you don't need at LinuxTag.
                 Please take into account that you won't be able to get to
                 it through the day.

        7.30am - Sports people will arrive so they should be able to find
                 a clean gym hall and clean supplementary rooms,
                 especially if we would like to use this location again
                 next year.

        7.00am - Thursday+Friday: Breakfast at Universities cafeteria
                 Saturday+Sunday: Breakfast at Unithekle
                 Monday : Breakfast at Nili's

        Breakfast usually consists of coffee, tea, rolls, butter,
        marmelade, cheese, saussage, depending on the amount of people
        that we tell them.

        The people from FaVeVe will provide dinner at Nili's. It's not a
        restaurant and they're cooking on their own (for you). I'm sure
        they would appreciate if some of you would help them a bit. There
        will be both vegetarian and non-vegetarian (ovo-lacto) dinner.

        If you have detailed questions that I may not be able to answer or
        you have to tell us about your allergies, contact
        linuxtag@faveve.uni-stuttgart.de, it's a mailing list.

     2. Calculating space requirements for the booths

        My general rule is: There is enough space. However, the available
        space I can use it limited as well. I can't give 20qm to each
        booth since this would extend the available space. I'll try to be
        fair and calculate the required space from actual needs. This
        means in turn that I need additional information from you, such

        Number of people who will staff the booth (I ought to have a list
            for most projects but not for all)

        Number of computers that will be presented at the booth. This
            information is not only required for space calculation but as
            well for calculating current requirements for IP numbers and
            hub/switch ports

        Information about additional equipment that involves space (like
            use of a beamer, VR cave, monitor board or some such.

        Please provide this information as soon as possible.

        One hint for the use of a beamer at the booth: Last year we have
        discovered that the exhibition hall was quite light and thus
        output of a beamer was not very easy to look at. We will be in a
        different exhibition hall, though, but various possibilities exist
        to lighten up the hall. Thus you may have to improvise on
        wednesday by getting black film on top of the booth or something.

     3. Workshop schedule

        I've placed the public view of your workshop schedule on my
        webserver at

     4. Software for organizing our Projects Pavillon

        The software I use for organization is available for the public
        now. It's GPL, of course, and uses WML, PHP3 and PostgreSQL.
        Providing a public frontend extends my time at the moment, so if
        this is requested, please help yourself. Details (especially
        public anon cvs access) are here:




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