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From: Martin Schulze (joey@linuxtag.org)
Date: Wed May 16 2001 - 00:58:17 CEST

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    There are some good news for LinuxTag, please read on:

    1. I have finally received an approval for two rooms in which we can
       organize workshops, small talks, BoF-sessions or keysigning
       sessions. There should be space four about 50 people in these
       rooms so they are large enough for these kind of stuff.

       If you want to use a room for one of the above, please let me
       know. Like it was last year, I'll lock the room for a couple of
       talks/workshops/whatever while a lot of idle slots will be there
       which can be filled on-demand during LinuxTag. I'd prefer 1h
       slots, while 2h could be an exception. Another exception will be
       made for sub-conferences (like debian-day, zopecon, phpcon or
       for whatever demand is there, max four days in a row, so one room
       is not locked by these).

    2. With friendly help of the students association of the University of
       Stuttgart (FaVeVe) we are able to provide sleeping space for you at
       no or low-cost. This is gym hall (in Stuttgart Vaihingen, within
       the University campus), so it's large and there are showers.
       However, drawbacks are that we have to leave the building at 7.00am
       and leave the sleeping area at 6.00am (yes, you have to be up at this
       time, not woken up already, but up).

       Fortunately the cafeteria will open one hour earlier in the morning
       than usual, so you can get breakfast at 7am already. Additionally
       the FaVeVe-team has agreed to provide collective dinner in the
       evening. However, please be warned, it *is* spicy, even if you
       tell us that you don't like it hot... The meal still eatable, you
       may just find yourself to not eating as much as usual...

       In order to be able to make proper assumptions on breakfast and
       dinner requirements as well as sleeping space, please fill out the
       following form and send it to me (at joey@linuxtag.org). If you
       don't want to eat something in the morning and don't want to take
       rolls to the show, but only drink a cup of coffee or similar, don't
       mark `Breakfast':

       Name :
       Wednesday, July 4th
         [ ] Dinner
         [ ] Sleeping
       Thursday, July 5th
         [ ] Breakfast
         [ ] Dinner
         [ ] Sleeping
       Friday, July 6th
         [ ] Breakfast
         [ ] Dinner (same day as social event)
         [ ] Sleeping
       Saturday, July 7th
         [ ] Breakfast
         [ ] Dinner
         [ ] Sleeping
       Sunday, July 8th
         [ ] Breakfast
         [ ] Dinner
         [ ] Sleeping
       Monday, July 9th
         [ ] Breakfast

       The earlier we know the correct demand the better we can plan and
       the less stressful our life will be. So please send back filled
       out forms as early as you can.

       It is not yet known what will be cooked on what day but it will be
       something that doesn't produce logistical problems when being
       cooked for 50 people. Think about chili con carne (and sin carne
       for vegetarians), or pasta etc.

       For this sleeping arrangement you'll have to take a sleeping bag
       with you. A camping mat is probably not required since there are
       mats in the gym hall that can be used.

    3. For those people who come by plane from far away we can also
       provide an appartment consisting of 10 beds which you may use. It
       is in Stuttgart E▀lingen, so it is *not* at the same location as
       the gym hall. There are only 10 beds and I'm going to prefer
       people who have to travel a lot to attend (like people coming from
       .dk, .fi, .uk etc.). If you are interested, please drop me a

    4. There are still projects who haven't provided any description about
       their project to me which could be included in magazines that print
       a special edition for the LinuxTag show. The same applies for a
       bunch of graphics (i.e. logos in high resolution).

       Projects that lack a description currently are:


       The first deadline ends on Wednesday 12.00am local time. So there
       are about 11 hours left to provide some blurb.

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