LinuxTag: Current status of CD images

From: Torsten Landschoff (
Date: Fri May 11 2001 - 00:59:05 CEST

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    Hi *,

    Last night we had a brainstorming session on IRC regarding
    the LinuxTag in Stuttgart. Present were:

    Joey => Martin Schulze <>
    roland => Roland Bauerschmidt <>
    grisu => Michael Bramer <>
    Zomb => Eduard Bloch <>
    Bluehorn => myself

    We all agreed that there is a lot of stuff to do but for now the
    most important thing is to focus on the CDs we want to give away.
    As always we are short of time here - according to Joey we need
    to have ISO images available around the beginning of June giving
    us about three weeks.

    Decisions regarding the images

    Here is an overview of what we decided to place on the CDs. If you
    have any complaints speak up now and be ready to contribute to get
    it implemented...

    Coordinator: Roland Bauerschmidt <>
    Packages: from woody (testing)
    - X version: X4 with servers from X3
    - non-free: NOT included. Most important reason to provide
                            it last year was netscape. We will have mozilla 0.x
                            and will screw navigator/communicator for it.
    - Desktop Environment: BOTH KDE and Gnome. I don't really believe both
                            will fit but let's see...

    Installer: based on potato/woody installer, no framebuffer
            (grisu is working on this - perhaps)

    Windows-Autorun: As last year we want to provide a tool on the
                            discs that helps you to write boot floppies.
            (Zomb did this last year and is looking into this)
    Used for generation:
    - Scripts: from debian-cd + local patches as needed
            (roland and myself are working on this one)
    - Machine:
    - Package lists:

    As you see we can use a lot of help. In particular we need
    - good package lists for end users, with some nice killer applications
    - some people working on the boot floppies.
    - get irc sessions more organized (I only realized after reading the
      log how wide we stretched the discussion :()

    Any comments welcome.


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