Re: CFP: Linux@work Amsterdam 2001, June 15

From: Wouter Verhelst (
Date: Wed May 09 2001 - 08:08:03 CEST

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    On Wed, 9 May 2001, J.A. Bezemer wrote:

    > Call for Participation:
    > Debian booth (aka "table")
    > at
    > Linux@work Conference/Expo
    > Amsterdam (Schiphol)
    > Friday June 15, 2001
    > Well, to keep it short, I contacted the organizers and they offer us a free
    > booth==table, so I'm looking for people and machines to fill that space.
    > Coordination webpage with all info:
    > Note: REGISTRATION is necessary for both staff and visitors (different
    > forms!), but access to everything is free for all. Details: see webpage.
    > Please contact me if you can come and/or bring equipment.

    I've got nothing to do that day, so I could probably go there -- if
    someone is able to give me a lift from Antwerp to A'dam.

    I could also bring my Mac Centris 650 (an m68k-machine).


    (Please Cc me any replies to this mail; I'm not subscribed to -events-eu)

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