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From: J.A. Bezemer (
Date: Mon May 07 2001 - 15:04:54 CEST

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    On Mon, 30 Apr 2001, Roland Bauerschmidt wrote:
    > Torsten Landschoff wrote:

    > > Another question is how to organize the package on the cds. Do we want
    > > to maintain the pool structure there? I would say yes, since you could
    > > that as a starting point if you want your own mirror. But we should
    > > have symlinks from the section directories as well to not confuse
    > > old users.
    > IIRC the plans for the woody release images are definetely to have
    > pools, and it is also what I would favour. The question is what we are
    > doing with those packages not in pools yet? Should we move them to
    > pools on our cd? It would seems most consistent to more, and better than
    > have packages in the pool and in the dists structure. I should probably
    > have a look at debian-cd and how it copes with pools. Does anybody know?

    debian-cd should handle pools fine; AFAIK it puts every package on its
    original location (so you will get a partially filled dists/potato/ on woody
    or sid CDs).

    However, the current CVS version is broken in that it attempts to include
    authentication stuff that apt doesn't handle. The "off22r3" branch should do
    better in that aspect, check it out with
      cvs checkout -AP -r off22r3 -f debian-cd

    (more CVS details on

      Anne Bezemer

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