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From: Roland Bauerschmidt (rb@debian.org)
Date: Sat May 05 2001 - 16:06:03 CEST

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    <roland> aj: are there cds yet? does debian-cd handle pools correctly?
    <aj> roland: kind-of
    <roland> aj: how does it deal with packages not in the pool yet?
    <buxy> roland: yes, it does handle everything
    <buxy> roland: but apt-cdrom does not yet cope with the CDs generated
    ... Culus has to do some work.
    <roland> buxy: cool. does it leave packages not in the pool yet in the
    dists/ hierarchie or does it move them to pools?
    <buxy> roland: it leave them where they are

    The apt-cdrom thing is probably the most difficult issue to deal with.
    If Culus or some other APT developer doesn't get to it, we'd probably
    wise to have a look at it. Anybody familiar with the source?


    For those that are not on IRC:
    aj: Anthony Towns
    buxy: Raphael Hertzog (debian-cd maintainer)
    Culus: Jason Gunthrope

    Roland Bauerschmidt

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