Re: [LT Infomail#2] Urgent issues - Debian

From: Martin Schulze (
Date: Fri May 04 2001 - 19:31:21 CEST

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    Torsten Landschoff wrote:
    > Hi Joey,


    > I wonder if everybody reported to Joey already since nothing appeared
    > on this list. We should really collect who wants to stay on LinuxTag
    > I think.

    The current list is... no access at the moment, need to think about
    a way to sync postgresql to the notebook... the list is short, that's
    what I know.

    > The people I expected to bring with me are
    > - myself :-) (I need a place to sleep but I could as well lodge in a
    > - David Spreen: He does not know yet if he can get away from school for
    > - Roland Bauerschmidt: As expected the most dependable on my list.
    > - Daniel Mester: No answer yet. Roland, do you have a way to contact

    I guess that these people were already on my list. No way to check at the
    moment w/o irda cellphone...

    > The persons I would expect to be there are
    > - Martin Schulze ;-))

    Well, I hope... people still believe that I'm crazy, even while this is most
    probably true, we'll see.

    > - Federico Di Gregorio

    You did notice that he's from italy, do you?

    > > --> Description: 1-2 sentences (your job)
    > > --> Logo (EPS or TIFF), high resolution (your job)
    > I will leave that for the Debian press contact for germany who does
    > probably know better ;-) Or do you want me to provide something here,
    > Joey?

    Oh well, it never works delegating stuff. :)

    But yes, this was a "mass" mail and I feel sort of responsible for
    the Debian booth asa well, sure I'll write up some blurb.

    > > There are some logos available from last year's LinuxTag. They
    > > only have a low resolution but would probably be better than
    > > nothing. Unfortunately there seems to be no easy way to extract
    > > them out of the database and I do lack severe amounts of time at
    > > the moment. If somebody has some time to share, I'd appreciate a
    > > .tgz file with all logos from last year stored.
    > Okay, but where are these logos to be found? Is that data at least

    Roland was so kind to hack up a script and Karsten already sent me
    a .tgz file. That's *very* fine.



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