BLT - can anyone pick me up?

From: Alexander Reelsen (
Date: Wed May 02 2001 - 18:17:12 CEST

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    First, sorry for this slightly OT message, but I think this is the most
    appropriate forum anyway.

    As of the guy, with whom I would have driven to the Braunschweiger
    Linuxtage just had to cancel his trip, I have to ask whether someone can
    pick me up (and my sparc + 19" monitor). I live in Rheda-Wiedenbrueck,
    which is south of Bielefeld, directly at the A2 (just 5 mins from
    McDonalds ;).

    If noone can take me up to Braunschweig I will have to try to travel by
    train, but then, of course, without the sparc.

    Hoping on support...

    MfG/Regards, Alexander

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