[LT Infomail#2] Urgent issues - Debian

From: Martin Schulze (joey@linuxtag.org)
Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 00:14:54 CEST

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    1. A place for the night

       As some of you know from last year's event, I'm trying to acquire a
       place where as many of you can stay gratis as possible. From my
       own experience such a thing helps not to overstress ones own

       However, since we can't organize the LinuxTag at a university
       anymore, we only have very limited access to additional rooms. As
       another result the place for the night won't be directly at the
       fair ground but somewhere else in the city - if we should be able
       to acquire one.

       In order to make proper assumptions and to tell others how many and
       who wants to stay there, I'd like to ask everybody who wants to
       attend the show and who would like to use this potential offer to
       drop me a line. This request is *urgent*. We already missed one
       possibility since they requiered an exact list on Monday (May 30th).

    2. Exhibition Newspaper

       We are happy to cooperate with Linux computing, a Linux-oriented
       computer newspaper from Germany. The folks from LC are going to
       produce an exhibition magazine that covers all exhibitors, talks

       It will contain a list of all projects that are present at the
       exhibition (and who have signed up early enough - that's the
       problem, read on). As far as I can tell, one or two A4 pages are
       reserved for the projects, thus for you.

       Each project is able to submit the following information:
           . Name (I have that already)
           . URL (I have it already)
         --> Description: 1-2 sentences (your job)
         --> Logo (EPS or TIFF), high resolution (your job)

       For some reasons they have to produce that magazine quite early,
       which means that I have to provide final data on **May 20th**

       There are some logos available from last year's LinuxTag. They
       only have a low resolution but would probably be better than
       nothing. Unfortunately there seems to be no easy way to extract
       them out of the database and I do lack severe amounts of time at
       the moment. If somebody has some time to share, I'd appreciate a
       .tgz file with all logos from last year stored.

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