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From: Torsten Landschoff (
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 02:53:23 CEST

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    Hi Roland,

    As promised I am going active regarding LinuxTag ;-) You might not
    like my comments though.

    On Thu, Apr 26, 2001 at 08:35:04PM -0500, Roland Bauerschmidt wrote:
    > To get the development of our CD going we need to make some decisions.
    > If nobody speaks up with good reasons, I'll plan the following:
    > - based on potato; yes, I'd also rather have woody, but ATM I don't
    > think it will be stable enough soon. We'll have some updated packages
    > like kde and Adrian Bunk's kernel 2.4 updates.

    I think we still did not vote on this. There will always be new discussions
    what gets on the discs. But we need agreement here - so: Can everybody
    agree to us using woody (in particular I would like to know the opinion
    of the Knoppix CD team, since I don't know if they have any problems
    with testing)?

    > - we'll have the development tree of our cd on pandora in
    > /org/scratch/linuxtag-cd. I checked with Elmo who gave me the
    > permission. Otherwise, Joey probably could have covered us, too. :)
    > I made the directory g+w, but please, check with us first before
    > modifying something there. [1]

    *arg* I just checked on pandora and it seems that machine does not have
    a full mirror but hosts only the non-US stuff. I thought main was
    mirrored there but that does not seem to be the case :(

    Now I don't think it is a big problem to copy the data once. But in case
    we want to master the CD there we will run into problems. Basically we
    have three options:

    - create a local mirror for just our purpose
    - download the packages from the next mirror each time we create the
    - update the directory with the cd stuff each time the mirror gets
      updated (uarg!)

    Maybe I am missing something?

    > Any comments? Otherwise I'll start sometime getting a potato base tree
    > there.

    Please let us discuss it some more first. It would also be helpful to do
    a brainstorming session, probably the best would be on irc. When would you
    have time? Who else would like to participate?


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