From: Carlo (
Date: Sun Apr 29 2001 - 01:29:27 CEST

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    I haven't been looking to this mailing list for
    a while now...

    Well, maybe I missed something, but,
    is anybody working on a bootable/usable-from-cd
    complete debian linux system?

    Guess so. Well, let's start from the beginning, then.

    I've recently installed a couple firewalls in different
    places. Well, I needed a kernel 2.4 and a lot of tools every
    time I needed to install/upgrade from remote. And after
    all, I had to clean up the system, erasing all source files,
    debian packages, header files and stuff like gcc, make ...

    After the last installation, I got tired of all of this and realized
    a boot cd with a complete (for my purposes) debian installation on it,
    that used the cdrom as root file system without need of any installation
    process. I then announced it on the iptables mailing list, since I
    thought it was going to be of interest to anybody who used to
    install and configure firewalls.

    I haven't posted it on any internet site yet because I have
    a slow internet connection and I'm working to correct some stuff
    I don't like about it.
    I was hoping to put it on sourceforge or something like that
    in about a week.

    Since it was for my own use, it's a sort of home made, anyway
    I think it works pretty well right now. X loads on every
    frame-buffer compatible system. The boot cd does not recognize
    the cdrom drive by itself but I'm working on that right now and
    I think it'll work in a few days (it used to take a parameter on
    syslinux boot-prompt). Mozilla and gimp work (I had some space
    left on device) and I made two scripts, one to make /etc rw, the
    other one to make only network related configuration files rw.
    It doesn't have any startup/setup script since it was meant for
    my own use, so I just hardcoded on the cd an Italian keyboard
    and a ps2 mouse. Since I used a 2.4 kernel, I used the testing
    debian distribution. The only thing I haven't upgraded is X,
    since I have a slow internet connection, I didn't need it for
    my purposes (it was just cool to see) and I din't want to wait
    forever to get everything running.

    I'd like to take part to the project,
    maybe I can help you out some way.

    Sorry about being this late,
    I probably should have posted
    something like this earlyer...

      Bye, Carlo!

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