Re: Linuxtag CD

From: Martin Michlmayr (
Date: Fri Apr 27 2001 - 12:34:44 CEST

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    * Michael Meskes <> [20010427 09:16]:
    > > - based on potato; yes, I'd also rather have woody, but ATM I don't
    > > think it will be stable enough soon. We'll have some updated packages
    > Why? What exactly is not stable enough? I would prefer to get at least
    > woody's base packages on that CD.

    Me too. Lots of stuff is fixed in woody, such as dpkg 1.9 which fixed
    the seg fault (which also exists on potato). If you look at you will see that the base is quite ready imho.

    Basing the LT CD on potato is duplicate effort and won't help the
    woody freeze at all.

    Martin Michlmayr

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