Linuxtag CD

From: Roland Bauerschmidt (
Date: Fri Apr 27 2001 - 03:35:04 CEST

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    To get the development of our CD going we need to make some decisions.
    If nobody speaks up with good reasons, I'll plan the following:

     - based on potato; yes, I'd also rather have woody, but ATM I don't
       think it will be stable enough soon. We'll have some updated packages
       like kde and Adrian Bunk's kernel 2.4 updates.
     - we'll have the development tree of our cd on pandora in
       /org/scratch/linuxtag-cd. I checked with Elmo who gave me the
       permission. Otherwise, Joey probably could have covered us, too. :)
       I made the directory g+w, but please, check with us first before
       modifying something there. [1]

    Any comments? Otherwise I'll start sometime getting a potato base tree


    [1] It's no problem if you're not a developer. Probably only very few us
        will make changes there anyway. It's accessable over http, too:

    Roland Bauerschmidt

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