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From: Roland Bauerschmidt (
Date: Thu Apr 26 2001 - 01:32:46 CEST

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    Here is some information I got from Joey. Joey, if something isn't
    excatly right, please correct me! Linuxtag seems to be interested (or it
    is most likely that they do) in participating in our bootable-system CD.
    Klaus Knopper (who made the "famous" Knoppix :) will be porting his
    Knoppix from Mandrake to Debian. There should be a list setup by now,
    Joey probably knows where it is. There would probably be two flavors of
    the CD, 1st, the Linuxtag (or non-free) flavor with StarOffice and
    Netscape, and, 2nd, the Debian (or free) flavor where we probably don't
    want StarOffice and stuff. Otherwise the CDs would probably be pretty
    similar. Those CDs would be paid for by Linuxtag e.V., then.

    In addition, we would be able to make a "conventional" installation CD
    as we did last year. I would image, at we'd probably want at least the
    following on our CD:

     - everything from Section: base
     - everything with Priority <= standard
     - task-x-window-system; xserver-*; and lots more X stuff
     - task-gnome-*
     - task-kde; task-koffice
     - isdn, pppoe, ppp, etc.
     - mozilla (and maybe skipstone ?)
     - latex, xfig, etc.
     - apache, exim (although I'd prefer postfix... :), some ftp daemon,
       nfs stuff, samba, netatalk, php4, bind, and more stuff you might
       want when running a server

    I rewrote my small perl script from last year to process a list of
    packages and all packages that are needed through dependencies. It'd
    attached to this mail and by far not perfect yet. Specifically, the
    following things are missing:

     - intelligent handling of virtual packages; currently just the first
       package providing something is added unless there is already a
       package in the list provided the package; of course, we want to chose
       the package with the highest priority. /me need to catch bod on IRC
       for that sometime.
     - output of size of packages, and all that stuff

    To use it you need to install perl-apt first:
    cvs login
    cvs co perl-apt
    cd perl-apt/libapt-pkg-perl/
    perl Makefile.PL
    make install

    Then, you can use apt-mkpkglist like this:
    % apt-mkpkglist --verbose --recommends --suggests inputfile outputfile
    where input file a list of packages seperated by newlines contains and
    the list with resolved dependencies is written to outputfile. For the
    CD, we probably don't want to use --suggests since it makes the list
    "quite a big" larger (from 3 packages you can make 980...)


    Roland Bauerschmidt

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