[LT Infomail#1] Welcome to LinuxTag - Debian

From: Martin Schulze (joey@linuxtag.org)
Date: Thu Apr 12 2001 - 16:17:09 CEST

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    Dear project members,

    this is the first infomail concerning the presence of various projects
    on LinuxTag 2001, taking place from 5th - 8th of July in Stuttgart,

    I\'m going to organize things a little bit differently than last year.
    I hope to create less chaos than last year and hope to consume less
    time. We\'ll see if that works. I\'d like to get comments if problems
    should occur.

     1. The first list covers communication. I have created a mailing
        list which is intended to be used by all projects and me to
        discuss general issues. It has been difficult to talk to the
        other projects last year, this should enhance the situation. So
        if you are interested in discussing things not only with me but
        with others as well, please subscribe to linuxtag-projects:

        echo subscribe linuxtag-projects|mail majordomo@infodrom.ffis.de

        A public archiv of this list is available at

     2. The second change you\'ll notice is that you can decide how you
        want to keep informed. I will continue to send out infomails in
        which I\'m going to summarize things which are important for you to
        know, or even which I believe you should know. :)

        These are your choices:

        [ ] Mail sent to all members who gave me an email address (this is
            the current setup for all projects)

        [ ] Mail sent to a mailing-list of your choice instead (actually
            these two can be mixed)

        [ ] No mail, but frequently check a website where I\'m going to
            copy all infomails

        I plan to send these mails to the linuxtag-projects list as well,
        so this can be considered another choice.

        If you wish to change the current setup, please let me know.

     3. We will have more space to share than last year, which should
        improve the situation. We will also have four or five different
        areas where a couple of booths are placed instead of a single
        crowded one.

     4. I\'m going to decide how large/small a booth will be depending on
        how much space is required (by counting how many people will be
        there for a project, what you are going to demonstrate and how
        many machines you\'re going to have).

     5. We have had an insurance last year and I expect to have one for
        this year as well, though I\'m not sure. For this and 4. it would
        be wise to send me a list of people who will staff your booth. As
        it was valid for last year, I\'m not going to hand out addresses to
        anybody outside of our team or other projects who are interested
        in who\'s there as well.

        This insurance will only cover people who got hurt during the
        exhibition. It does not cover any of your machines.

     6. As always, if you have questions, please ask me (or ask on the
        list mentioned above so others can answer as well).

    Even though LinuxTag was a lot of work last year, I have enjoyed it.
    I\'m sure this year will be even better, larger and more fun.



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