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Date: Mon Apr 09 2001 - 17:36:09 CEST

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    #include <hallo.h>
    Peter Ganten wrote on Mon Mar 26, 2001 um 08:12:44PM:
    > > I'll ask them and Linuxland once CeBIT is over and things have settled
    > > down again.
    > I have just talked to the Linuxland people at CeBit. They are willing
    > to sponsor the CD :-) Nevertheless, I would prefer it, if LinuxLand,
    > Lehmanns and Springer-Verlag would sponsor the CD together. Debian

    Crazy idea: what about the manufacturer of the new "Linux" washing
    powder? I could imagine a penguin in a white T-Shirt - "Der sauberste
    Pinguin aller Zeiten!" ;) I have no contacts to them, it's worth to try

    BTW: it seems that I could come to Linuxtag too, you can count on me as
    helper in presentations, "sales" and similar. And of course I will
    modify the windows utility for this years CD.


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