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From: Martin Schulze (
Date: Tue Mar 06 2001 - 11:02:40 CET

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    Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
    > I'd like to inform you of another interesting upcoming event, the
    > Linuxdays in Austria. Information about this event can be found on it's
    > homepage under <> (which is currently in a more
    > bad than useful state: e.g. the entry-fees will be noticeable lowered).
    > The quick info for the horny: Wed 20th and Thu 21th of June, in St.
    > Poelten (capital of lower austria)
    > Last friday there was "Lokalaugenschein" (uhm, ding doesn't find
    > anything useful; it was mainly for viewing the location, and also a
    > first coordination meeting).

    Lokaltermin maybe?

    > So, what will be done? It is planed to have an exibition from more or
    > less interesting/big linux companies (we are e.g. in contact with IBM,
    > Fujitsu Siemens), some booths are also reserved for community members to
    > present their projects. And there will be a room where install-parties
    > will be held, with different distributions.
    > So - it might be that we will get a booth. But I don't know what
    > usually is done at such a booth? Merchandising? As far as the
    > discussion goes it might be a problem to sell things on a community
    > booth - but I might discuss that part...

    Then don't sell things. You don't have to.

    Quick info for running a booth:

    First get:

      1. One table
      2. One chair
      3. A connected power cable
      4. One machine with monitor
      5. Get a banner or a poster
      6. Get two people to staff the booth
      7. Be around at least one hour befor it opens
      8. Be prepared for stupid questions and a lot of talking

    IP connectivity is optional, get more people and space if possible,
    table cloths always look nicer than a naked table, running X and
    something impressive is helpful, don't forget your power splitter

    > And, currently I'm the only one that will go there. It would be nice
    > if one can assist me.... Especially it will be appreciated if one could
    > hold a talk, it hasn't to be a debian-specific, talks are always
    > needed.

    Two people should be considered minimum staff so one person can leave
    the booth for a moment.



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