Re: Events Calendar 2001

From: Martin Schulze (
Date: Tue Jan 30 2001 - 01:14:30 CET

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    Marko Schulz wrote:
    > On Sun, Jan 28, 2001 at 09:31:23PM +0100, Martin Schulze wrote:
    > > Hi,
    > >
    > > I'll try to keep this list updated and posted every now and then.
    > > If you want to help out at one or the other events contact the
    > > proper person or me.
    > Please add another column which indicates whether Debian attendance is
    > - unsure
    > - planned, but too few people yet
    > - planned and probably enough people.

    Do you believe this would be better than contacting
    or mention that on the proper list so people actually get involved? I
    don't think so.

    > Mentioning the person to contact would be nice too.

    This is not possible since these addresses must not be used in public
    (though below there is a contact address).

    I have converted the list into a more comprehensive one

    (though there is not much space for another column)



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