Linux Expo Amsterdam: parking & stand location

From: J.A. Bezemer (
Date: Tue Jan 23 2001 - 00:19:07 CET

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    Just a quick note: if you bring heavy things (or other things you don't want
    to carry any longer than necessary), follow the "P RAI Congres" and _not_ just
    "P RAI"; this should lead you to a roundabout that you've got to take 3/4
    (that is, assuming you came from the highway (any direction) and followed the
    "RAI" signs). When you've left the roundabout there's some gate and maybe
    you'll have to say you're an exhibitor for the Linux Expo. Then you can enter
    the underground car park ("P4"), slightly to the right, or go to a few
    load/unload places by going slightly left (you'll end up right in front
    of the entrance; the Linux Expo is on the ground floor).

    And the parking fee happens to be 20,-- (maybe the advertised 17,50 was from
    last year).

    Location: the Association Village is replaced to the spot named "BLENDER" on
    the original map (if you can't find that directly: left of the entrance,
    vertically between SGI and SNOW)

    See you there,
      Anne Bezemer

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