debian tshirts in western europe

From: Joost van Baal (
Date: Wed Jan 17 2001 - 20:26:33 CET

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    (First: apologies for cross posting.)

    I'd like to sell Debian Tshirts at the Linux Expo Amsterdam
    ( ), next week.
    I unfortunately didn't succeed in getting shirts printed... It took the
    Tshirt guy here a week to decide he couldn't make it.

    So, does anyone have Debian Tshirts leftover from an earlier event? I'm
    willing to invest NLG 1000,-, i.e. 450 euro for the shirts. I could travel
    to anywhere in the netherlands, western germany, belgium, or northern france
    to pick up a pile of Tshirts. Anyone?



    PS: reply to me and/or debian-events-eu please. I'm not subscribed to -commercial
    or -publicity.

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