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Date: Wed Jan 10 2001 - 00:29:16 CET

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    On Tue, 9 Jan 2001, J.A. Bezemer wrote:

    > I hope to talk to someone of the RAI expo services later today to find out
    > about the BTW/VAT stuff, and about the kind of bandwidth we're talking about.

    Well, we've got a little problem here. Lizzie apparently looked in the wrong
    row or column. The ~250,- is for a LAN connection to one or a few other stands
    at the Expo. A 64kbit (slowest) Internet connection will cost... *ahem*
    *cough* exactly four times as much. For both days and ex VAT. I'll try to
    contact the other associations we're effectively sharing a stand with, and see
    if there's any interest in sharing the cost, having one masquerading box and a
    little (probably BNC) network.

    About the CDs: I'm currently working hard on a "Top-1000" CD with the ~1000
    most popular packages in Debian. It's been quite some work but I should be
    close to something usable now. If someone wants to comment, here are the
    approximate lists:
    Packages to go on the CD:
    Packages NOT on CD:
    I've chosen to include a few non-free packages on the CD, because people will
    expect them to be present in ~any distribution, list:

    If there's something not already included that would be really useful to many
    people, please tell me as soon as possible. The CD will have the latest
    boot-floppies and be bootable itself (I'm hacking the official CD creation
    scripts now ;-) and include some of the electronic versions of the (read
    "my") Dutch manual.

    I can probably make at least 100 of these CDs, and I (or rather the DDDI) will
    sponsor them so we can give them away for free. (But donations should be
    encouraged of course..) I'll put the final image in some rsyncable place so
    that interested parties can burn too. I have >500 paper sleeves (NL: papieren
    CD hoesjes) available, so you can buy jewelcase-less CDs for this purpose.
    I currently recommend Arita (74 if you can get them) which cost NLG ~1.25/CD.

    Oh, and I'm making this special CD since I think this is the most
    cost-efficient way to introduce people to Debian. 3 or 4 CDs is nice, but when
    people use only a few packages from CD2,3,4... And I find the current binary-1
    completely unsuitable for this purpose (way too much unpopular pkgs, way too
    few popular ones) so I'm making something else.

    About the "press kits": if we want to get some press coverage, we should
    provide the press people with things they like; so we have to make some 30
    press kits. I'm currently thinking to include in each kit:
    1 "Top-1000" CD (3/4 CDs is quite expensive and I don't know if
                      I'd even have the time to make them)
    1 Dutch manual
    1 flyer Dutch
    1 flyer English
    I'll sponsor the CDs myself, but I'd rather have someone else sponsor the
    manuals, 7,50 * 30 = 225,-. If we don't need Paul's contribution for the
    network, this might well be a worthy cause. Of course this generous sponsor
    will be mentioned on the flyers.

    I'd like to package this stuff in some (transparant?) box, size A5 and ~1 cm
    thick. But I've no idea where to get things like that, or what it'd cost.
    Someone else please make some inquiries...

    About flyers: I intend to produce some Dutch and English flyers the next few
    days. I'm thinking of one A5 double-sided, "front" about Linux in general,
    "back" specifically about Debian. Separate Dutch and English versions.
    I will probably make some 500 copies of these (400NL/100EN?). And PostScript
    versions online in case other people want to contribute.

    => I will need sponsor names / logos for this (.eps or .fig preferred)

    And original reasons for using Linux/Debian are highly appreciated!
    (Note that we'll be dealing mostly with corporate folk.)

    About posters: I'll work on this too. Original ideas very welcome!
    Printing them: everyone please check with printing services in their
    neighbourhood for prices/formats (A2, A1, A0(?)) and ability to print a
    PostScript file.

    Things to sell:
    Dutch manuals: I'll bring a supply of these. Cost price = NLG 7,50, but
      a obligatory donation of at least 2,50 would seem appropriate ;-)
    (T-)shirts/mugs/whatever: anyone willing to organize this?
      (Printing a t-shirt usually costs 25-30,- (shirt included).
      For myself I would like one printed with the "horizontal" Debian logo
      at the back (A5 format) and a bit smaller (A6/7?) at the front.
      .ps/.eps available)

    Okay, that'll be it for today. <gaap>
    Everyone please think & work a little so that I don't have to invent all
    good things myself ;-)

      Anne Bezemer

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