Re: debian t-shirts

Subject: Re: debian t-shirts
From: Paul Slootman (
Date: Thu Dec 07 2000 - 11:22:32 CET

On Thu 07 Dec 2000, Martin Samesch wrote:
> Paul Slootman wrote:
> What about or ?
> > Alternatively we could consider getting the mugs printed locally,
> > I'm sure the artwork is available somewhere? T-shirts ditto.
> Great! This should be the best alternative, of course (for us, here in
> Germany, too).

Maybe we could send what we have left over to Germany after the event...
I live near the border (about the height of Osnabruck), and travel to
Duisburg regularly; if there is someone in the region, that would make
it easier (save on postage).

Paul Slootman


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