Dinner Wednesday night?

Subject: Dinner Wednesday night?
From: Frank Neumann (franky@viona.de)
Date: Mon Sep 18 2000 - 18:05:00 CEST

Hi all,
there have been no specific wishes/ideas yet, so I just dare step ahead
and suggest that anyone coming to Erlangen on Wednesday can join us on
a common pr-congress dinner somewhere in Erlangen downtown. Some of us seem
to be sleeping at the youth hostel, some more are probably nearby.

Anyway, my suggestion is: Let's meet on Wednesday (Sep20) at 8 p.m. at
the reception of the youth hostel of Erlangen, Suedliche Stadtmauerstraße 35.
That's pretty near Erlangen downtown (about 1 km from the train station,
even less than 1 km to the city center), so we can go from there by foot to
the next italian restaurant and loot&burn it...ehmm..have dinner there.

For a map of Erlangen downtown, please see
http//auric.debian.org/~neumann/erlangen.jpg (225 KBytes; I have marked the
youth hostel with a green circle).

Regards, and see you soon,

   Frank Neumann (franky@viona.de), Software Engineer @ VIONA Development GmbH
       Karlstraße 27, 76133 Karlsruhe, Germany  - phone: +49 721 9134424

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