Re: Linux-Kongress

Subject: Re: Linux-Kongress
From: Frank Neumann (
Date: Tue Sep 12 2000 - 11:27:04 CEST

Joey wrote:

> is everything sorted out for the congress?

I haven't yet seen any planning for the Debian booth at the congress here -
will we get a computer from the congress organizers, or do we have to bring
something ourselves? I'm going by train this time, so I can't take anything
with me. I believe Andreas Jellinghaus might be able to get us a machine
from his university, but it would have to be taken to Erlangen somehow.

What about the other material - flyers, demo software to show, T-shirts etc?

> If somebody wants to attend and work on the Debian booth, dump me a line,
> since you'll get free entrance, I'll have to pass your name to the
> administration though.

I might help for a while, but my company already paid the entrance fee for
me. Do we get special "backstage" badges so we can enter the rooms before the
official program starts?

I'm going to Erlangen on Wednesday afternoon, and if some preparations at the
booth are needed, I could help there Wednesday evening. I just have to check
in at the DJH which is near the train station and can then drive or walk to
the university (would be there at around 6 p.m., maybe earlier).

Btw: Anyone else here who sleeps in the youth hostel? If the busses are
not driving to the university at the times we need, we might want to go by
Taxi and share the costs.

How about a pre-congress meeting&dinner somewhere in Erlangen downtown at
Wednesday night?


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