Re: SparcStation 10

Subject: Re: SparcStation 10
From: Frank Neumann (
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 11:18:17 CEST

Joey wrote:

> Just to cause some confusion.
> When we met in Oldenburg we have spoken about the sun issue while
> I said, that his amiga is more important than the sun because there
> will be other suns, I'm sure. Now, that hasn't changed, just that
> I have asked if I should take mine with me. Thus, him not knowing
> about other suns is plain bullshit.

I apologize for what I said. You are right.

Fact is that I talked to Joey about some Linuxtag issues when I was in
Oldenburg at the beginning of June, and he told me he can get another sun
and so I should mostly care for my Amiga being there as it's more of a "rare"
piece of hardware than the Sun.

I really had forgotten about this. We talked for just 5 minutes about several
issues, including this, but at that time I was a bit distracted by some other
news at that time (I was just told the grade of my master's degree by my
professor 5 minutes earlier, and was rather happy about it). When we drove
back to Karlsruhe, I had completely forgotten about this talk. My fault.

> But: I don't like the truth be munched.

And rightly so.

Anyway, I'll take the Sparc with me. In the worst case we have 2 machines and
I'll leave mine in the car.

Sorry again,

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