Parking fees

Subject: Parking fees
From: Goswin Brederlow (
Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 22:03:50 CEST

>> Parking directly at the exhibition will cost something,
>> preferably money, thus it could be a good idea to safe that.

> No idea how much that is, but previous experiencies indicate
> the Killesberg Messe tends to be on the
> oh-my-god-is-it-expensive side. (3,- DM for a cup of coffee?
> argh!)

Last time I was there, you hat to pay 50 DM for short time parking
(unloading) and you got that all back when you leave within one (or
two?) hours. And on the last day the price was 200 DM.

Don't worry about the amount, you get it back, but you got to have it


PS: Joye said there was some parking space in front of the entrence, so
you might not need to pay anything on Tuesday/Wednesday.

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