Re: [Debian] Infomail #6

Subject: Re: [Debian] Infomail #6
From: Marcelo E. Magallon (
Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 00:58:10 CEST


Sorry about the late reply, last two weeks have been chaotic arround

>> Martin Schulze <> writes:

> 6. From Sleep to Show
> The easiest way to get to the show in the morning and back in
> the evening is to use the tram or underground (not sure what
> they have in Stuttgart, but it's one of them).

 Uh... U-Bahn? What's that? Underground? doesn't look like one to

> Parking directly at the exhibition will cost something,
> preferably money, thus it could be a good idea to safe that.

 No idea how much that is, but previous experiencies indicate the
 Killesberg Messe tends to be on the oh-my-god-is-it-expensive side.
 (3,- DM for a cup of coffee? argh!)

 With the U-Bahn you just have to get yourselves a Mehrfahrtenkarte
 (multi trip ticket?) for the weekdays and a weekend ticket for
 Saturday and Sunday. I think Bad Cannstatt is on a different price
 zone as the expo center, that means the single ticket costs 3,50 DM
 and the 4-trip ticket costs 13,40 DM (2,80 DM and 10,80 in case I'm
 wrong). I don't recall the price of the weekend ticket, but it pays
 off if several people travel together (ask about it at the VVS info

> 8. Security
> There is no special security at the open source pavillons
> during the night, except for the regular security of the entire
> hall. If somebody from you would like to stay inside of the
> the exhibition hall that is possible, but we need to provide
> the names to the other security staff.

 Just a piece of advice in case I forget later: at the last Multimedia
 Expo someone's computer lost its SIMMs. Yes. The RAM. Everything
 else was there, except the RAM.



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