Re: Draft suggestion for info sticker

Subject: Re: Draft suggestion for info sticker
From: Goswin Brederlow (
Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 15:31:43 CEST

>>>>> " " == Frank Neumann <> writes:

> Hi again all,

> I suggested that all machines present at the Debian booth
> should have a kind of badge or informational plate near them
> which tells a bit about the machine. I just put such a plate
> together for one of my machines in Xfig; if you want to, please
> grab it, modify it to suit your taste and print it:

Nice one, especially the name. Should I call my Alpha "Alphy"? :))

You should have centered the name at the top, so that one only has to
replace the string and to move it around.

> This plate is supposed to be printed on A4 paper. It's very
> simple, but functional. After printing, glue it to a carton
> that can be put on the monitor, attached somewhere with
> Tesafilm or anything else.

> I'm of course also interested in suggestions for enhancements
> etc.

> Hope that helps, Frank

I opt for A5 landscape, otherwise we end up with signs bigger than the

What do you think?

        Goswin Brederlow

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