Re: Monitore (war: Re: Out of Business for a week)

Subject: Re: Monitore (war: Re: Out of Business for a week)
From: Frank Neumann (
Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 09:23:46 CEST

Roni wrote:

> > 2. The monitor problem. Othmar, could you create a list, who can bring up
> > monitors? Count and compare them to the number of pcs...
> I could bring 3 * 15", 1 * 14", 1 * Monochrome Hercules, maybe 1 * 17"

Just to complete the list: I'll bring my own 17" for the Sparc and the Amiga
(monitor with 2 inputs) with me, though I am already leaving Saturday evening.

I managed to install the Sparc with most of what I want during the last days;
it's about factor 2 faster than my Amiga, but still no speed daemon. :-)
Anyway, it should line up nicely with all the other machines Debian runs on.
The installation of the Amiga is the next task for the weekend..


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