[Debian] Infomail #6

Subject: [Debian] Infomail #6
From: Martin Schulze (joey@linuxtag.de)
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 18:05:30 CEST

[ This mail is sent to all projects that will run a booth at LinuxTag
  2000 in Stuttgart. ]


Current topics:

 1. Status
 2. Unloading
 3. Exhibition Office
 4. Showtime
 5. Entering the Exhibition Area
 6. From Sleep to Show
 7. Sleeping Space
 8. Security
 9. Network
10. Social Event
11. Badges
12. Workshops / BoFs
13. Questions

 1. Status

    I still lack some kind of overview... we're all too busy to emit
    status reports.

 2. Unloading

    This will be done on tuesday and wednesday from 7am to 8pm. I
    hope the booths will be ready and usable so you can stack your
    tables and 'puters.

    In front of exhibition hall 6.0 you'll find some space for cars.
    They should *only* be used for unloading stuff. A regular parking
    site is at the opposite side of the exhibition area (no
    details...) Exhibition hall 5.1 is reached *through* hall 6.0.
    Thus the same applies here. All exhibition halls are open during
    unload phase (i.e. tue + wed).

    If available, take all your "Rollwagen" and "Alpha-Roller"
    etc. with you if you don't want to carry your stuff by hand.

 3. Exhibition Office

    Our office is at the entrance south (Eingang Süd). There should
    always be one person of the LinuxTag-Team. If you have trouble,
    stop there and explain. We should be reachably via mobiles and
    radio set suring the show, thus they can call us.

    Phone of the exhibition office: 0711/2589-544

 4. Showtime

    Thursday 9am - 6pm
    Friday 9am - 6pm
    Saturday 9am - 6pm
    Sunday 9am - 4pm

    During this time, at least one person has to be present at the
    booth. Otherwise it would look very bad if only non-commercial
    booths would be emty and orphaned.

 5. Entering the Exhibition Area

    If you plan to enter the exhibition halls before the show opens,
    please get proper support-tickets ("Supporterkarten") or
    exhibition tickets ("Ausstellerkarten") from Michael Kleinhenz
    from the exhibition office.

 6. From Sleep to Show

    The easiest way to get to the show in the morning and back in the
    evening is to use the tram or underground (not sure what they have
    in Stuttgart, but it's one of them). Parking directly at the
    exhibition will cost something, preferably money, thus it could be
    a good idea to safe that. (I don't know how much that is.)

 7. Sleeping Space

    We've organized a second place where people can stay. It's at
    Jugendgästehaus des TV Bad Cannstadt (youth hostel). There we
    have real beds with real blankets and stuff. There are 28 free
    beds that may be used by you. It will cost DM 10 per person per

    If you prefer this youth hostel, please dump me a line and I'll
    forward it to Oliver Zendel <zendel@linuxtag.org> who is
    responsible for it.

    Since I only have received space requests from Linux Ports,
    Rocklinux, Gnome, GIMP and Debian, I assume that space is
    sufficient and that no other project needs space.

 8. Security

    There is no special security at the open source pavillons during
    the night, except for the regular security of the entire hall. If
    somebody from you would like to stay inside of the the exhibition
    hall that is possible, but we need to provide the names to the
    other security staff.

 9. Network

    Every booth will get one 10MBit/s TP connector. You'll get
    official IP numbers. I should have reserved enough for all Open
    Source booths. I guess that I will place some

10. Social Event

    As most of you know there will be tickets for the Social Event on
    Friday. Each ticket costs DM 20.00, this is a highly sponsored
    price, normal people would have to pay DM 80.00. There are about
    100 tickets dedicated to staff members of the Open Source
    Pavillons. If you want to participate this event, buy your ticket
    at the exhibition office. Dennis Daniel is responsible for them.
    I'll dump him a list of all both members before the show.

11. Badges

    Bad news: It was cancelled. Thus: If you want to wear badges,
    please create your own.

12. Workshops / BoFs

    I still haven't been able to put the schedule online, hope to find
    time for it tonight. Anyway, here's the current schedule.

    At the moment there are lots of free slots on friday - sunday. If
    you realize that you would need a place for a BoF at the show,
    check if the room is reserved or not. If it is not used, lock it
    and use it. If it is used, lock it at a different time and use it
    at that time.

    Please note that it is not acceptable and extremely unfair to lock
    the room for a couple of sessions so that others can't use it. I
    hope, that you'll manage this, otherwise I will have to dictate
    one slot per project for the entire show which will not be fun for
    you - and for me.

    Saal 6, Statische Bestuhlung, 52 Plätze


       9 - 18 Uhr ZopeCon
      18 - 19 Irgendeine Versammlung

      Only on thursday:
      Raum III/CCA, 28 Plätze
       9 - 15 Uhr ZopeCon
      15 - 18 Uhr Kleinhenz
      18 - 19 Uhr LIVE-HV


       9 - 10
      10 - 11
      11 - 12 ffii, Tauchert "Software Patenting -- Practise of the German Patent Office"[3]
      12 - 13
      13 - 14
      14 - 15 AniTMT - POV-Ray[1]
      15 - 16
      16 - 17 Tim Janik - "Neuerungen in Gtk 1.4"[7]
      17 - 18


       9 - 10
      10 - 11 Marc Lehmann - "The design of GIMP2"[5]
      11 - 12
      12 - 13 Ralf Nolden - "KDE-Programmierung mit KDevelop 1.2"[6]
      13 - 14
      14 - 15 Christian Perle - "Introduction to POVray"[2]
      15 - 16
      16 - 17 ffii, Springorum
      17 - 18


       9 - 10
      10 - 11
      11 - 12 Preparation Podiumsdiskussion "Quo vadis Free Software"
      12 - 13 Martin Baulig: "Bonobo und Gnome"
      13 - 14
      14 - 15
      15 - 16 SWPAT wrap-up discussion
      16 - 17
      17 - 18

13. Questions
    When in doubt, please get in touch me. I'll try to summarize
    answers in the next Infomail if I send out one.



8 days left until LinuxTag 2000

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