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Subject: Re: [ Re: Linuxtag 2000]
From: Othmar Pasteka (
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 01:15:45 CEST


one thing i have to add is

a) the acutal file, sorry

b) s/Gnome and KDE/Gnome/

c) section stability: remove all known bugs ... should be
replaced by "remove all known major bugs" or a similar wording

d) typo in section portability: s/Aplha/Alpha/,
s/utlities/utilites/ ... in general: you spell check it before
you print it, don't you?

e) MySQL is in non-free so you should remove it as i did in my

f) the ordering about the means of help should be swapped,
mailinglists first and then irc ... imho of course

g) Debian Official CD Images
(available from the Debian ftp mirrors.)

actually that's not true, they are available from
or they should go there to get info on how to get iso images

h) i would remove the last sentence where it references the
installation manual.

so long

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