[Debian] Infomail #5 - about to be the last

Subject: [Debian] Infomail #5 - about to be the last
From: Martin Schulze (joey@linuxtag.de)
Date: Sat Jun 17 2000 - 21:50:46 CEST

[ This mail is sent to all projects that will run a booth at LinuxTag
  2000 in Stuttgart. ]


Current topics:

 1. Status
 2. Booths and Tables
 3. Dies Academicus
 4. Logo Images
 5. Arrival and Unloading
 6. Workshop Program
 7. Sleeping Space
 8. Questions

 1. Status

    To be honest, I don't know, I'm swamped.
 2. Booths and Tables

    I was told that tables are 120x80 cm*cm, thus they use more space
    inside of a booth than I thought. Since I know that most projects
    will upload as much computers as they can carry I already changed
    the original idea - that meant 2 tables per booth - and ordered
    3-4 tables per booth.

    However, since tables are larger now, there is no space for chairs
    anymore. Exception: Gnome and Pro-Linux.

    I'll try to put an updated map, including tables, on the web soon.
    (If s/o has free time, I can send him the fax + xfig source to
    work on).

 3. Dies Academicus and "Day of Open Door"

    There are two universities in Stuttgart. The University of
    Hohenheim performs their Dies Academicus on Friday, 30th of June.
    There's a University Exhibition. The Concert Band will have a
    booth there and play music. If somebody is interested, for
    details contact Egon Schmid <eschmid@php.net>.

    The University of Stuttgart (where some sleeping commodation are
    located) performs their "Day of Open Door" (dunno what that is in
    en_EN), with general exhibitions etc. on Saturday, July 1st. From
    12 o'clock they have a 'summer festival' on the campus
    Pfaffenwald. Program http://www.uni-stuttgart.de/TdoT. Contact:
    Marc Schimmler <schimmler@ica.uni-stuttgart.de>.

 4. Logo Images

    Some of you have submitted logos that are larger than the required
    size. These cannot be accepted by us since they break the layout
    and it's unfair if some projects have larger logos.

    Thus: If you have submitted an image too large, please correct it
    asap. The earlier it is corrected, the earlier they appear on the

 5. Arrival and Unloading

    There are possibilities on Tuesday and Wednesday to drive to the
    exhibition area by car in order ot unload stuff. I guess they
    will charge a fee but you'll get it back after you have left the
    area. This is not valid on Thursday when the show is active.

 6. Workshop Program

    I have received some requests for talks as part of the workshop
    program. This was compiled into the following list:


      10 - 18 ZopeCon
      18 - 19 Irgendeine Versammlung


      10 - 11
      11 - 12 ffii, Tauchert "Software Patenting -- Practise of the German Patent Office"[3]
      12 - 13
      13 - 14
      14 - 15 AniTMT - POV-Ray[1]
      15 - 16
      16 - 17 Tim Janik - "Neuerungen in Gtk 1.4"
      17 - 18


      10 - 11 Marc Lehmann - "The design of GIMP2"[5]
      11 - 12
      12 - 13
      13 - 14
      14 - 15 Christian Perle - "Introduction to POVray"[2]
      15 - 16
      16 - 17 ffii, Springorum
      17 - 18


      10 - 11
      11 - 12 Preparation Podiumsdiskussion "Quo vadis Free Software"
      12 - 13 Martin Baulig: "Bonobo und Gnome"
      13 - 14
      14 - 15
      15 - 16 SWPAT wrap-up discussion
      16 - 17
      17 - 18

    The remaining slots are open and may be used for BoF sessions
    during the show. I will move a blackboard or whiteboard next to
    the door so people can "lock" a slot and look what's going on
    there. I'll also prepare that list to be released at the web
    during the next days.

 7. Sleeping Space

    I only need a rough guess how many people from each project need a
    place to stay. I have counted 120 booth members and 51 for
    sleeping space - to be honest, I doubt that less than 50% want to
    make use of the rooms we've organized.

    Thus I'd like to request a rough number of people from each
    project who will use our sleeping space.

 8. Questions
    When in doubt, please get in touch me.

12 days left until LinuxTag 2000

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