Re: Vorfuehrungen LinuxTag

Subject: Re: Vorfuehrungen LinuxTag
From: Goswin Brederlow (
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 12:16:50 CEST

>>>>> " " == Roland Rosenfeld <> writes:

> Alexander Reelsen schrieb am Dienstag, den 13. Juni 2000:
>> > habt ihr euch mal ueberlegt, was auf dem Stand vorgefuehrt
>> werden > soll? Oder wollt ihr nur 10 Rechner hinstellen und
>> Linux generell > zeigen?

> I thought about bb and was able to build this package on the
> alpha with a small patch, but it doesn't run stable on alpha
> but segfaults after a minute. So bb should run on a different
> machine (preferably a i386).

Use "-mieee" and it should run through. I realy like it.
Gotta test it on my Alpha again.

> What about demos of games? For example pingus (but this
> doesn't seem to be in the distribution at the moment)...

freeciv :)

I think that a presentation of Wine (for example running Starcraft)
would be nice. And maybe Dosemu with Populous.


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