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Subject: Re: [ Re: Vorfuehrungen LinuxTag]
From: Torsten Landschoff (
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 21:38:57 CEST

Hallo Roland,

On Thu, Jun 15, 2000 at 07:39:13PM +0200, Roland Bauerschmidt wrote:
> On CeBIT we could compile BB on alpha with really tiny modifications and
> it ran fine all day and attracted the visitors... ;) This was with
> Andreas machine. I just phoned with him and he told me that we can have
> his machine for sure, but Compaq is looking for a better one. We'll see.

I think his alpha was good enough. Of course it is not the right machine
to show to our visitors. It's more of a server - would be nice to do
some heavy web applications on it but who has the time to set that up
in time?

> Also on CeBIT we had some ia32-machines sponored by innominate. I think
> Torsten organised that. Torsten, do you think they would do this again?

Actually Oliver Zendel talked to Christel. But I can ask of course.

> Or perhaps you could use your connections to bee? (I hope you have still
> the business card...) ;-)

Yes, I have the business card :) I will contact them about it. But I
think what we really need is some self running demo which can be
interrupted by the user. No idea how to do that yet :(


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