Sodele, I komm au

Subject: Sodele, I komm au
From: Juergen A. Erhard (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 02:29:02 CEST

Or, for the people who don't speak "Schwäbisch" (and I actually don't

Name: Jürgen A. Erhard
Geburtsdatum: 20.11.1965 (for Joey's list, but it's not really a
                          secret anyway ;-)

Availability: 29.6 - 2.7

I probably will be unavailable on the 1st (there's meeting of
ex-members of a student group I was a part of on that day).

Bye, J

PS: I thought I had mentioned that I'd come before... but
apparently I didn't. Oh well, what the hell.

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