[Debian] LinuxTag 2000 - Infomail #4

Subject: [Debian] LinuxTag 2000 - Infomail #4
From: Martin Schulze (joey@linuxtag.de)
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 01:20:10 CEST

[ This mail is sent to all projects that will run a booth at LinuxTag
  2000 in Stuttgart. ]


Current topics:

 1. Status
 2. Insurance <bold>*urgent*</bold>
 3. Ausstellercenter
 4. Booth numbers
 5. Workshop rooms
 6. Booth preparations
 7. Questions

 1. Status

    We're happy to announce that some of the "open source gurus" will
    attend the show. I'm quite happy to meet Richard Stallman, Miguel
    de Icaza and Alan Cox again.
 2. Insurance
    We've got an insurance for all staff members of the Open Source
    Pavillon. Unfortunately the insurance company requires us to give
    them a list compiled of Name and ( Birth date *OR* full address ) for
    every person who shall be part of the insurance. (Read this:
    Either your birth date or your full postal address is required.
    You don't need to give out both if you don't want that.)a
    We need to give them a list on June 10th

    Only a few projects have provided us with the relevant
    information. Thus, I have to urge you to send in either a list
    for your project or answer in direct personal mail if you/your
    project hasn't sent in such a list. If you don't want to get
    insurance, I'd love to get that information as well, so I'll stop

 3. Ausstellercenter

    I've created accounts for every project in that system. It is
    used to collect information that will be publicated on the web at
    www.linuxtag.org. Don't ask me where, ask lt2k@linuxtag.org, I
    don't know that currently.

    For each project I've picked one person that I'd classify as
    coordinator. He has received the login/password pair. If
    somebody else wants to receive it, dump me a line.

    URL: https://www.linuxtag.org/2000/english/servicecenter.php3
    (perform s/english/deutsch/ for a translation)

    Please fill in all missing information on your own.

 4. Booth numbers

    I've now moved all booths around. A visible map of the main
    Open-Source-Pavillon in exhibition hall 6.0 is at
    http://www.infodrom.ffis.de/~joey/ospavillon.jpg . I don't have a
    map of the other ones. However, is on the other side of
    the floor wrt

 5. Workshop rooms

    We've got these rooms reserverd for Workshops and
    Bird-of-a-Feather sessions.

      CCA III: 28 chairs, tables [thu - sun]
      CCA IV : 52 chairs [thu - sun]

    Wether these rooms have an Overhead projector, beamer and IP will
    be found out before one of the next infomails.

 6. Booth preparations

    This should take place on Wednesday at last. The show begins on
    thursday, so everything should be ready by that day.

 7. Questions
    When in doubt, please get in touch me.

22 days left until LinuxTag 2000

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