Re: task packages und sonstiges

Subject: Re: task packages und sonstiges
From: Othmar Pasteka (
Date: Mon Jun 05 2000 - 04:30:19 CEST


On Sat, Jun 03, 2000 at 06:32:06PM +0200, Peter Ganten wrote:
> unfortunatly they used still netscape / communicator 4.72, fixed.

yep i know, i didn't see a mail on the ML that you are including

> As you know, the deadline is over since today, so we won't accept new
> stuff.
> Expect the CD-Image to show up on Rolands server tomorrow.

it's rather stupid to nitpick on important things like
documentation. maybe you understimate the importance of this (at
least to me it's quite important, i don't know about the others)
but the ones you actually took from cvs weren't synced with
potato (i told you why ... the thing i am going to do shortly)
and had probably some grammar, spelling mistakes too. so
arguments other than "the deadline is over" are ok but this is
one isn't a good argument why the files can't be replaced.

documentation is done. compiles without probs. so
could you be so kind and include it? i don't know how you build
the iso but if it's just a script or something similar it
shouldn't be a problem to replace a few files.

btw. i would like to know when the cd manufacturer has to have
the iso image (or whoever needs to get it).

night (morning? ;) ... lakers won :( )

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