Re: task packages und sonstiges

Subject: Re: task packages und sonstiges
From: Othmar Pasteka (
Date: Sun Jun 04 2000 - 02:33:51 CEST


On Sat, Jun 03, 2000 at 06:32:06PM +0200, Peter Ganten wrote:
> You should never commit stuff to CVS, which does not compile. Roland
> and myself had quite a lot of work with mastering the CD today, just
> to see, that the german documentation was missing, because it didn't
> compile. We have removed all unresolved references now.

ah, well didn't compile it yesterday before i commited it. had to
get some sleep.

> As you know, the deadline is over since today, so we won't accept new
> stuff.

hmm, read again, if you put THIS installation manual on the cd
and won't let any corrections (grammar, spelling), this is just
embarrassing for debian and all.
i know your final deadline. i would like to know the final
deadline of id-pro or the company which are makeing the cds or
whoever get the final iso image.

so long

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