[Debian] LinuxTag 2000 - Infomail #3

Subject: [Debian] LinuxTag 2000 - Infomail #3
From: Martin Schulze (joey@linuxtag.de)
Date: Sun Jun 04 2000 - 00:39:51 CEST

[ This mail is sent to all projects that will run a booth at LinuxTag
  2000 in Stuttgart. ]


Current topics:

 1. Status
 2. Insurance
 3. Press conferences
 4. IP Connectivity
 5. Linux Party
 6. Social Event
 7. Unused boxes
 8. Workshops
 9. Dies Academicus
10. Exhibition maps
12. Sleeping space
11. Questions

 1. Status
    We've entered the hot section of LinuxTag organization. In less
    than 30 days the show starts. There has been good response in the
    press recently, we're optimistic to organize a great exhibition and
    conference program. The entire exhibition uses more than 6000
    square meters of space while the conference program fills more than
    100 hours.
    The so called "Open Source Pavillon" was splitted. There are now
    two such pavilons, one in each exhibition hall.
 2. Insurance
    We've got an insurance for all staff members of the Open Source
    Pavillon. Unfortunately the insurance company requires us to give
    them a list compiled of Name and ( Birth date or full address ) for
    every person who shall be part of the insurance. (Read this:
    Either your birth date or your full postal address is required.
    You don't need to give out both if you don't want that.)a
    We need to give them a list on June 10th
 3. Press conferences
    We have ways to organize press conferences. If at least three
    projects want to present new aspects wrt. their product, we're
    going to consider organizing one for Free Projects. If you are
    interested, please give me information what you want to tell the
    press immediately.
 4. IP Connectivity
    We've finally fixated the question of internet connection. We've
    found a sponsor for it who will do all the cabling for us. The
    pipe to the net will be 2MBit/s. Since the entire bandwidth will
    be shared among all exhibitors, commercial and non-commercial,
    please keep in mind not to overstress it during the show.
 5. Linux Party
    On Saturday, July 1st, Linux Party starts at 19 o'clock. It takes
    place between the Open Source Pavillon and the ID-PRO booth in
    exhibition hall 6. ID-PRO organizes it, sponsors a band, something
    to eat and drink. Attendence is free.
 6. Social Event
    The Social Event takes place on Friday, June 31st, from 19 o'clock
    in exhibition hall 6.1. It's main purpose is to get exhibitors,
    customers, organizers and staff members together and improve their
    life. The Social Event contains cold and wormm buffet, several
    parts of lunch ("das volle programm, von Vorspeise zu Hauptspeise,
    Nachspeise und Desert"). There will also be a couple of vegetarian
    meals. Eat and drink as much as you want.
    Attending the social event costs DM 20 per person. It is heavily
    sponsored by LinuxTag and LiHas.
 7. Unused boxes

    If you get loaned machines or monitors that are delivered in
    boxes, be *very* careful with that boxes. You will need the boxes
    when giving the things back and the loaner will be pissed if they
    don't get things back in original boxes.

    This is a quote from another show:


    Same goes for the CPU box, but not so urgently, since it's HARD to
    find something to replace 21"monitor box in a pinch. At ALS we
    got screwed by this, the cleaning crew threw away the box and Sun
    was gonna be mondo pissed.

 8. Workshops

    There are rooms reserved for workshops and BoF-sessions during the
    show. This means we can work out a workshop program. Some of you
    have already mentioned that they would like to give a talk or a

    I will manage it as follows:

    A workshop := { 1 hour long, designed for up to 50 people, time +
                    room known before the show, talk with discussion }

    A bof-session := { 1 hour long, time + room *not* known before the
                       show, talk with lots of discussion }

    As a result, I'm now collecting abstracts and ideas for workshops.

 9. Dies Academicus
    There are two universities in Stuttgart. The University of
    Hohenheim performs their Dies Academicus on Friday, 30th of June.
    There's a University Exhibition. The Concert Band will have a
    booth there and play music. If somebody is interested, for details
    contact Egon Schmid <eschmid@php.net>.
10. Exhibition maps
    ... are not yet online but will follow.
11. Sleeping space

    As you already know, we've organized means for lodging for you.
    You will need to take your sleeping bag and air bed with you. If
    this is not acceptable for you, please check if you can stay at
    the youth hostel or a hotel.

    To calculate if we have enough space, we now need the amount of
    people of each project who want to stay in this house. At the
    moment it's sufficient to return something like "BSD: 10 people".
    I *hope* that I'm not going to be forced to write down each
    persons name.

    (Exception: Speakers for the regular program (no workshops, sorry)
    will stay at a hotel, except they want to stay with the others.)

12. Questions
    When in doubt, please contact me.

25 days left until LinuxTag 2000

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