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Subject: print Debian business cards
From: Michael Bramer (
Date: Sat Jun 03 2000 - 18:51:57 CEST


I like to make 'Debian GNU/Linux developer business cards'.

I find a TeX-template from and this
template is nice. But my HP laserjet don't have color and I 'need'
nice cards (not self cut or so). I have ask a printing office to print
the cards with two colors (red and black) on white cardboard.

Ok. The printing office can print the TeX-Output 100 times and I have
1.000 business cards. But I don't need so many cards...

Now I have change the TeX file and it print 10 different cards on one
page and with this model the printer can print 100 times 10 cards.

If you like Debian cards too, I can print your cards. I have 9 free
cards (or more). The conditions:

  - I get your card-infos till 15.6.2000
  - the price for 100 cards: 25 DM (or less) or $ 12 (or less)
  - You pay and get the cards on the Linux Tag 2000 in Germany
  - send the money with a letter (ask with PM for that) and get
    the cards per post.

You can see 10 demo-cards on
If you are a Debian Maintainer, you can get the bottle version of the
logo. If not, you get the swirl. (I hope this is ok, or not?) The card
have this fields (see the demo):

  - Name
  - Title
  - e-mail
  - URL
  - address line 1
  - address line 2
  - phone
  - 3 x fingerprints (key id, key-bits and fingerprint)

I need this Infos.

But you can make more:
You can make your own card (if you don't like the template). If you
like make a own card, I need more infos. I need the card as
TeX-Source. Make a TeX-Source for the black and one for the red output
and send it per email. Get this TeX lines as a template:

      \begin{picture}(89,51)(0,0) % all units in mm
        \put( 3,48){\line(1,0){83}}
        \put(35,32){\textsf{\scriptsize \xemail}}
        \put(35,29){\textsf{\scriptsize \xurl}}
        \put(35,22){\scriptsize \xaddress}
        \put(35,19){\scriptsize \xaddressb}
        \put(35,16){\scriptsize \xphone}
        \put( 5,12){\includegraphics{./swirl.eps}}
        \put( 5, 8){\textsf{\pgpfont \xpgpkeyA}}
        \put( 5, 6){\textsf{\pgpfont \xpgpkeyB}}
        \put( 5, 4){\textsf{\pgpfont \xpgpkeyC}} % For three keys
        \put( 3, 3){\line(1,0){83}}

If you have questions or suggestions, mail!



PS: I don't make profit with this cards...

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