Problems so far

Subject: Problems so far
From: Peter Ganten (
Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 01:30:42 CEST

I have burned and installed a test-CD as described in a previous
mail. While testing that CD a couple of problems arised:

- There seems to be a problem with the current pcmcia-modules-2.2.15*
  packages: A lot of "unresolved symbols" messages during boot, they
  can't be modprobe`d. This problem did not occur with the
  2.2.15pre19 packages I used before (Yes, kernel-image and
  pcmcia-modules packages belong together). Does anybody know
  something about this problem? Otherwise, I would suggest to switch
  back to 2.2.15pre19.

- I installed task-linuxtag-desktop from the CD and missed some
  packages, which are usually installed on a desktop-machine. These
  are (packages with a questionmark = not sure, if they should be

  sawmill-gnome (sawmill can be selected in anXious, but sawmill-gnome
  dhelp | dwww
  catdoc | mswordview
  xchat (?)
  grip (?)
  gnome-napster (?)
  acroread (?)
  bluefish (?)
  gpm (?)

- Marcellos customized netscape package does not show the
  intendended start page. For me it looks like preferences.js (?) is
  missing from the package.



Peter Ganten

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